Who we are

Eva Garlez & Pablo Rodriguez
 are Internationally recognized Argentine Tango teachers that are among the leading young couples specializing in Tango Milonguero in the world.

Originally from Buenos Aires, they belong to the New Guard of Milongueros and have traveled throughout the world giving seminars and performances. Young and full of enthusiasm they use the close embrace as a means of musical expression and are true messengers of the classic milonguero style. Having studied with and assisted several of the most prominent maestros in Buenos Aires and elsewhere, their youth and energy bring a breath of fresh air into close embrace Tango.

The only two Argentinean Tango teachers in the Albuquerque, they have chosen it as home-base after having traveled throughout the US in recent years, giving seminars and performances. They combine an extraordinary ability to explain the basic mechanics of danceable tango and from there building a very personal dance for each student. Their classes increase the confidence of their students by giving them the tools they will need at all times.

Currently they continue expanding Argentine Tango all over U.S., visiting Tango communities and Festivals, and sharing their knowledge and charisma.

Pablo Rodriguez comes from a family with an extensive musical pedigree; Porteña traditional music is in Pablo’s blood. Because of his infatuation with the dance, Pablo began to seek expertise in recognized milongueros, developing his own personal style of dance and teaching.

Eva Garlez, after starting to learn Tango, was quick develop considerable knowledge and understanding of both roles. Eva’s love of dancing is transmitted as she teaches and performs. She has become an outstanding milonguera, having taught and performed with great milongueros.

Festivals & Events presentations

  • 2018 Encuentro Milonguero San Francisco, USA
  • 2017 CNM’s international events, USA
  • 2017 Albuquerque Tango Festival, USA
  • 2017 Encuentro Milonguero Albuquerque, USA
  • 2017 Leukemia & Lymphoma Society – Man & Woman of the Year – Grand Finale Gala, USA
  • 2017 3rd Annual South American Folk Fair, USA
  • 2017 Chicago Mini Tango Festival, USA
  • 2016 Encuentro Milonguero Albuquerque, USA
  • 2016 Albuquerque Tango Festival, USA
  • 2016 Las Puertas Tango Marathon, USA
  • 2016 2nd Annual South American Folk Fair, USA
  • 2016 UNM Dance Fitness Clinic, USA
  • 2016 San Diego Tango Festival, USA
  • 2015 Albuquerque Tango Festival, USA
  • 2014 Albuquerque Tango Festival, USA
  • 2014 San Miguel de Allende Tango Festival, MEX
  • 2013 Mini Chicago Tango Festival, USA
  • 2013 Burning Tango Festival, USA
  • 2013 7th Darmstädter Tangotage, GER
  • 2013 Ferrara Tango Festival, ITA
  • 2011 Ferrara Tango Festival, ITA
  • 2009 New Zealand Tango Festival, NZ