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Bien Milonguero Tango School
Bien Milonguero Tango School

Bien Milonguero Tango School is dedicated to teaching social Las Puertas (entrance side)Argentine Tango in all its aspects, specializing in Milonguero Style (the characteristic style of tango dancing in downtown Buenos Aires).

The School is located at the beautiful Las Puertas
that is a huge, converted warehouse space featuring a beautiful, large, professional wood floor and superb sound system.


Roadrunner Practica

Roadrunner Practica

This practice is designed for anyone who wants to refine or improve their dance.
The atmosphere is more relaxed than a milonga and serves as a bridge between classes and milonga.

It is also a good way to meet the tango community in Albuquerque and different people who attend school.

Las Puertas is an event center operated in cooperation with Gaucho Imports featuring Tango, acoustic Performances and Fundraising for Non-Profits.


Address: 1512 1st NW, Albuquerque, New Mexico