What they say?

Daniel B. -USA –

I’ve studied with Eva and Pablo both in Buenos Aires and in the U.S. and would recommend them highly. They are the real deal; they’ve been trained in Argentina by some of the most respected teachers, have served teaching internships there for years, have danced and performing at countless Buenos Aires milongas, and have toured and taught around the world.
If you are serious about learning authentic tango, as it is danced in Argentina and at large festivals in the U.S., rather than learning a collection of awkward looking patterns and poses that are unconnected to the music (as tango is often taught in the U.S)., you will want to check them out.
I can’t overstate how fortunate Albuquerque is to have world-renowned instructors of this caliber in residence.

Hans G. -Germany-

They are highly competent to teach Tango and they have the capability to teach the steps as well as the heart and the soul of Tango, also they have a natural to fill the people with enthusiasm.

Sally M,.-USA –

LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Pablo and Eva are great teachers of the Milonguero Tango style! They create an authentic atmophere… as close as one can get to actually being at a Milonga in Buenas Aires, Argentina!

Jaemes S.-USA –

As anyone aficionado can attest, Tango is more than just a dance. Those tentative and usually graceless first steps are likely to transport you into another world, strange but musically and culturally rich…even intoxicating. With good fortune, you will have a skilled and patient guide to instruct and encourage your journey. Residents of Albuquerque have hit the Tango jackpot. Eva Garlez & Pablo Rodriguez are leaders among a new generation of Tango masters from its birthplace, Buenos Aires, having learned from and danced there with multiple generations of its Milonguero style Tango legends. As teachers and ambassadors for the total art of Tango they are, in every sense, world class. That they have chosen to establish their school here in Albuquerque is a remarkable gift to our city and privilege for any of us who wish to experience, with understanding and insights from deeply knowledgeable and profoundly kind teachers, this most extraordinary of dances which is Tango.

Mark P.-New Zealand-

I attended several of their workshops at the festival and was totally impressed with their skill both as dancers and as teachers and I believe this couple to be the leaders internationally in their style of Milonguero Argentine Tango.

Francine S,-USA –

Pablo and Eva are both highly experienced and accomplished tango dancers. I have just completed the first series of their beginner class and can’t wait to sign up for the next one! I enjoy their teaching style (a combination of instruction and allowing students to try out the new moves each class), their rapport with each other, and the individualized attention they provide to each student. Their sense of humor is an added bonus. I highly recommend their courses!